MAIS Project is a creative studio founded by Matteo Mariani and Isato Prugger. Based in Monza, it operates across product design and strategic design consulting.

Via Sirtori 1, 20842 Monza (IT)

Bioplastic cup

"Proposed as an alternative to plastic disposable cups, Bicè is a bioplastic material cup with excellent resistance to wear and high temperatures: these features make Bicè ideal for food service industries, as it holds up very well to intense cycles of use and industrial washing."

2020, ABA
photo Tomaso Carbone
Design Week Courmayeur

Néo featured MAIS Project and its work at Courmayeur Design Week 2020. Exhibition curated by Teo Sandigliano.
I maestri del paesaggio

FLAI and its supports were exhibited at I maestri del paesaggio 2019 (Bergamo).

I maestri del paesaggio 2019
A Stage

Stand Euroluce 2019

"It was the place for an international introduction to a new brand with a single particular product in the catalogue... we needed a space which attracted the attention of visitors and, above all, did not override the only product on display, FLAI. A blank stage. A stage where FLAI could be used without constrains."

2020, Diomede
photo Alberto Strada

Wireless light

“In the era of fluid spaces and nomad architecture, our attempt was to maximize the possibilities of wireless lighting. With an independent rechargeable lighting module and 10 different magnetic supports, FLAI allows to be totally free from constraints. Both indoor and outdoor. We believe that freedom forges creative people.”

2020, Diomede
photo Alberto Strada
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